March 26, 2019

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English Language Learners

Imagine what it would be like if you or your family had just been informed that you would be moving to a foreign country to work in a country whose language you had never heard.

Perhaps you and your family are missionaries and are being sent to a land whose people speak a different language, and although you learned a little during training for the assignment, somehow the words you learned don't quite match up with the objects or situations you try to convey in your new situation.

This is a reality for many individuals and families in our area. Whether they are temporary residents due to job transfers, or have chosen to make our community their home, English is a foreign language to them.


Tutors and students alike enjoy getting to know about each other's countries and culture. Meetings sometimes include tasting dishes prepared by students from their native country!

Our ELL instruction is provided as one-to-one tutoring or in small groups. Each student's English skills are evaluated before they are matched with a tutor.  

We also offer TALK TIME, a group conversation class led by volunteer tutors. TALK TIME classes provide an interim opportunity for the student to start practicing English and meet other international students living in our community. To attend TALK TIME, a student must first register with Collierville Literacy Council by scheduling an appointment for their language assessment.

Call the office at 901.854.0288 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Our diverse community is home to many people from other countries. The literacy council has welcomed students from countries such as Argentina, China, the Czech Republic, Ethiopia, Finland, Greece, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia and Vietnam.

Many of CLC's adult ELL students have completed high school and college in their homeland and strive to quickly learn our language. To assist them in learning to speak, read and write English, students are assigned to native English speaking tutors who work with them one-on-one or in small classes.
Because the techniques used to teach English are the same regardless of the student's native tongue, classes will often include students with different national backgrounds.


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