February 19, 2019

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Betty's Books


Betty's Books
is a program founded by the Collierville Literacy Council to honor Betty Noe, a founding member of our Literacy Council and a devoted community volunteer.

Betty's Books
is funded by grants and private donations.

Collierville Literacy Council recently received a donation of books from Barnes & Noble at Wolfchase Galleria, that are being given to children receiving vaccinations at the Collierville Clinic of the Memphis and Shelby County Health Department. According to nurses, this gift often turns tears into smiles. CLC greatly appreciates Barnes & Noble's continuing commitment to literacy in our community.

Reading to your children can never start too early. Betty's Books are placed in homes of young children to raise parents' awareness of the importance of reading to them (and to ensure there is a book available to read!).
Early literacy skills are linked to a child's success in learning to read.
Children who are read to from an early age are more successful in school.
Reading aloud to young children is an essential component to the development of language skills and  their ability to concentrate.

Tips for reading to your Children:

Infants & Toddlers:
~ Introduce board books or cloth books with brightly colored pictures.
~ Read with expression using different voices for different characters.
~ Use pictures to build vocabulary by pointing to and naming things.

Kindergarten through Third Grade:
~ Keep reading to your child even when he can read.
~ Read books that are too long for him to read alone.
~ Take turns reading a story with your child. Don't interrupt to correct.

Third Grade through Sixth Grade:
~ Ask what part of the story your child liked best and why.
~ Ask if your child liked the ending of the story. Why or why not?

For All children:
~ Set a good example as a reader by reading every day at home even if it is the newspaper.
~ Make reading fun, and a time that you both look forward to sharing!


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