August 20, 2017



The Collierville Literacy Council Is Hiring!

Position: High School Equivalency Coordinator

The High School Equivalency (HSE) Coordinator provides the academic leadership for adult students seeking their high school equivalency diploma. Position works in cooperation with the Basic Literacy Coordinator.

The (HSE) Coordinator will actively work to help adults reach their educational goals, including better employment and pursuing higher education. You will have specific responsibilities in increasing and documenting student support, attendance, and progress and increasing program resources that meet student needs while effectively communicating and encouraging adults from many backgrounds and skill levels. The primary goal of your position is to increase retention and personal goals for all students in the program, and ensure the program and volunteer tutors can meet a range of student educational needs.

We are seeking a caring and empathetic person with past experience working in adult education, teaching, or adult social services, and experience and strong skills in documenting and organizing program data. This person must have very strong interpersonal and client interaction skills, and be able to effectively conduct small group trainings for volunteers. Preferred qualifications include a degree in Education, experience teaching in a school setting, and an understanding of state and federal educational regulations. Spanish-speaking skills are desirable but are not required.

The HSE Coordinator position is for 32 hours per week, and does not include benefits.

Educational Staff Competencies

  • Ability to plan and deliver comprehensive high school equivalency curriculum to adult learners in accordance with Collierville Literacy Council standards.
  • Ability to manage busy office environment with students of varying backgrounds and educational abilities.
  • Ability to uphold programmatic attendance and fiscal policies.
  • Possess a relentless yet, empathetic stance to move clients towards targeted outcomes.
  • Ability to maintain responsibility for students’ achievement of coursework and academic progress through one-on-one tutoring, directed self-learning, and implementation of adult learning principles.
  • Ability to work in a team structure – demonstrating ability to collaborate and contribute to the team’s work, displaying highly effective written and verbal communication with teammates, support staff, and supervisor.


The HSE Coordinator will have primary responsibility to:

  1. You must be able to schedule and coordinate in-agency testing/assessments
  2. Provide educational counseling to students after testing/assessments and follow-up with students as required
  3. Monitor changes in HiSET materials for students and tutors
  4. You must be able to create and revise forms as needed, manage data and data reporting for program
  5. Offer effective and engaging quarterly training workshops for volunteer tutors
  6. Provide detailed ongoing support to volunteer tutors and students and help students access additional HiSET and other subject resources
  7. Demonstrate instructional expertise in all of the key HiSET exam subject categories
  8. Develop mastery of HiSET exam and registration process and requirements
  9. Coordinate and facilitate HiSET exam dates.
  10. Monitor student performance and program/tutor engagement; provide ongoing significant support during enrollment and throughout tutoring, and encouragement to help students meet HiSET benchmarks and high school equivalency goals
  11. Maintain accurate data on student-tutor progress and systematically document student retention and high school equivalency outcomes
  12. Make frequent phone and email contact to collect progress information and follow up on student support, and conduct student exit interviews when possible
  13. Contribute to agency newsletter and social media as requested, incorporating students work and tutoring tips and actively solicit student success stories
  14. Foster collaborative liaisons within the surrounding community to develop and implement plans supporting the high school equivalency program
  15. Work with team members to evaluate student academic progress, and identify solutions to students’ academic and social barriers
  16. Attend regular staff, team and individual supervisory meetings, as scheduled.
  17. Participate in agency activities and committees in order to share information that will promote the purpose and mission of the Collierville Literacy Council


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