Art With Books Event

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We’re celebrating Summer Reading Month with a special “Art with Books” craft night on Friday, June 18. This family-friendly event is for artists of all ages to have fun, relax and create their next masterpiece!

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Summer Reading Resources

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MAY 2021: National Mental Health Awareness Month Events

Goat Yoga and Snuggles

Collierville Middle School hosted Walkapony Goat Ranch/901Goats and CLC to talk about the benefits of breathing, exercise, and snuggling with pets.

goat yoga climb on back
goat yoga snuggle
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Tonja Bizor (Tonja B's Sleep Consulting) shared  insight into the link between sleep and mental health and how you can improve your wellbeing.

Eric Cassius leads a guided meditation and offers other options to address mental health concerns. 

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