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Intensive Summer English Program (ISEP)

Intensive Summer English Program (ISEP)
06/01/2021 - 07/23/2021

What is it?

ISEP is for beginner and intermediate adult English learners. It is an 8 week long program consisting of over 40 hours of English instruction through both formal class instruction and matched one-on-one tutoring.

Max Class Size: 8 people
COVID-19 safe
Matching for one-on-one tutoring support
Textbook included in program fee
Night classes to accommodate professionals
Friday Life Skills cultural classes

Is it for me?

ISEP is for beginners and intermediate English speakers. Meaning, if you cannot say "hi"or you can just barely get around with basic phrases, that this is the program for you!

Our initial language assessment included in the application fee allows for us to make sure that we have a class you can excel before we charge your program fee. If we do not have a class that is a good fit, your application fee and language assessment will go towards placing you in a volunteer group class and cover your annual registration to the Collierville Literacy Council.

What time are classes?

The Collierville Literacy Council knows that many of our students are professionals. ISEP strives to help you balance work, family, and studying by having classes at night from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM on your assigned days.

Beginner Teacher-led Classes: 
Monday: 6 - 8 PM
Wednesday: 6 - 8 PM

Intermediate Teacher-led Classes:
Tuesday: 6 - 8 PM
Thursday: 6 - 8 PM

The tutoring time is to be arranged whenever convenient between you and your tutor.

Life Skills and Culture Classes

Fridays will be optional Life Skills and Culture classes depending on the language levels of the accepted applicants. Example classes include a doctor explain how to ask for a medical translator or common phrases in a clinic, a financial literacy class on credit scores, grocery store shopping and checking out, how to build an American resume etc.


Example Schedule

Monday - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Meet at assigned location for in-person class.

Tuesday - 5:30 PM - 6 PM

Log onto Zoom for one-on-one tutoring

Wednesday - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Meet at assigned location for in-person class.

Thursday - 5:30 PM - 6 PM

Log onto Zoom for one-on-one tutoring

Friday - TBA

Life Skills and Culture Class

How do I apply?

Applications are now being accepted for the Collierville Literacy Council’s Intensive Summer English Program (ISEP)

To apply, please complete a language assessment as well as notify the staff of any sliding scale needs.

The application cost is $26 and includes the initial language assessment and a yearlong membership to the Collierville Literacy Council’s volunteer group classes.

Should the student not be accepted into ISEP, their application cost and assessment will be used to fund their year's access to Collierville Literacy Council's volunteer group classes. 

Financial Help

The  student has the option to apply for scholarship funding according to the sliding scale model below. To receive scholarship for the  program, the student should send one of the following documents for proof of income when applying:


  •  Most recent tax return

  • 2-3 most recent pay stubs from employer, no older than three months

  • Most recent W-2 or 1099

  • Letter from the Social Security Administration documenting your SSI or SSDI benefits

  • Letter detailing unemployment benefits from your state unemployment office

  • Notarized letter stating you have no source of income signed by you.

Due to the nature of hiring a teaching professional, the application fee and program fee cannot be refunded. 

Want to volunteer to be a tutor for ISEP? 

Our students will be working hard and will need your help! Help students achieve their English goals and to stay on top of their pronunciation and vocabulary by joining ISEP as a one-on-one virtual tutor.

Tutors are asked to attend one ISEP Google Meet Orientation in order to learn how to teach and correct adults English learners as well as common American English pronunciation mistakes and how to combat these.

Of course, always feel free to email or call Liz Newsom for more information. 

Email Liz Newsom at for any further questions and information. We hope to see you soon!