Penny Aronson

Executive Director

Penny is passionate about literacy. A voracious reader, Penny was bewildered when her children struggled to read. It became her full-time job to teach them. When they returned to school successfully, Penny joined the agency in 2017 as the HSE Program Manager. Now as the Director, Penny is thrilled to be able to serve those middle schoolers who need help, their families, and our ESOL community. Her vision truly is to foster lifelong literacy, and she believes in making education accessible and equitable.


Dawn Eichhorn

Office Manager 

Dawn wears a lot of hats. She is our IT support, database guidance, scheduling, and general cape-wearing superhero when other staff members yell, “help!” Dawn’s administrative background has prepared her to help with all things office-y and gifted her with immeasurable patience.

No need to use a bat signal -- you can email Dawn for any help you need!

Sinaria El Hassan
ESOL Program Manager

Sinaria has over 15 years of experience in working with nonprofit organizations. She is a fluent Arabic speaker who is TEFL certified. She has previously honed her passion and her skills for curriculum development, marketing, and management by jointly finding a school in California. Now, she is excited to bring her experience in nonprofit management and English curriculum building to strengthen the Shelby Literacy Center ESOL program. 

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Special thanks to our office volunteers!

Davis Woods

Mike DeMato

Pam DeMato

Cathy Bertram

Odelia Laor

Alan Myers

Pavani Bandla

These special people help us keep our office clean, make sure our computers and phone systems work, keep our website updated, and support our database and marketing needs.