Volunteer Training

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Welcome to the online portion of the Collierville Literacy Council volunteer tutor training. Thank you for giving your time to learn more about our students and how we - and you - can help them in a very real, personal way.

This is the first part of Volunteer Training.  Since many of our students overlap in more than one program, you will do the activities for all three programs  (HiSET, Adult Basic Education, and ESL) online.  The in-person training will be specific to the program of your choice. 

When you register for your in-person training session, please tell the office which training program you will attend (ESL, HiSET,or Adult Basic Literacy).

1) Please print out the checklist and use as a guide to ensure you have completed all the activities. 

2) Read the information provided, watch and videos, etc.  Make sure to print out and fill in the quiz/quizzes in each section. You will bring these to your in-person training.

3) Please sign the bottom of all quizzes and sign the release forms.  Please attach a photocopy of your Driver’s License and the $25 materials fee. 

4) Please call the CLC (901-854-0288) and register for an in-person training session.  You will select one of our three programs to break out into.