Now Accepting Tutors for ISEP

ISEP is looking for volunteers to tutor basic grammar and pronunciation over Zoom 1 hour a week for 8 weeks per student from June 1st - July 23rd. 

In order to maximize spaced repetition, the program is asking that the tutor meet with their student twice a week for 30 minutes

Orientation is ongoing.


Only have one hour to give this summer? Reach out and see if you can arrange a Culture and Life Skills Friday class where we bring in community members to talk about things like: What should I say at the doctor? What is credit? How do I apply to jobs here in the United States? How do I order delivery? 

Interested? Contact Liz at liz@clctnedu.org


Always feel free to email the CLC's staff for more details or volunteer requests.  

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Ongoing | Online Software Training and Orientation

Summer Reading Intervention Orientation | Ongoing

Now Accepting Tutors for summer reading intervention

Summer Reading Intensive is continuously intaking new in-person or virtual tutors.

The program is asking that the tutor meet with their 4th- 8th grade student for flexible times of two hours per week

Tutors will receive structured literacy training through a specialized online platform and should contact Pam Demato for more information

The CLC is committed to the safety of both their volunteers and their students. Background checks will be required of all SRI volunteers and provided by the CLC. 

Interested? Click the button to email Pam DeMato

recurring volunteer opportunities

Come, bring a friend and make a lasting change in a literacy student's life. 


Volunteering at the Collierville Literacy Council is perfect for you if you are interested in making a real impact on the greater community, finding a friend, or giving back to the community that has supported you. 

All positions require online and in-person training with CLC staff.

Is volunteering in Collierville inconvenient for you? No problem! We train volunteers and serve adult learners from all around the Midsouth area. 

Positions available

Spanish HiSET Tutor: Help adult students prepare for the Spanish HiSET exam by tutoring in one or more subjects (math, science, social studies, reading, and writing). Must be fluent in Spanish.

English for Students of Other Languages (ESOL) Conversations Tutor: Help students learning English practice their conversation skills, including pronunciation.

Reading Interventionist: Receive training for reading intervention in a structured literacy program and help a 4th-8th grader improve their reading

Administrative Support Assistant: Help program coordinators with administrative tasks to ensure that every program is running smoothly.


Volunteer Services Assistant: Help program coordinators manage volunteer needs to ensure that volunteers are supported fully.


Learner Intake or Assessment Assistant: Help program coordinators with student registration and follow-up.


Special Events Volunteer: Manage or work with small group programs like field trips and socials for the ESL program, and with large fundraising events. 

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As a tutor, you choose the programs you would like to work with - basic reading, writing and math;  high school diploma preparation; or English as a second language. We'll give you all the training you need. What’s even better is you can set your own schedule. We ask for a minimum of two hours a week; in that time, volunteers make an immediate impact on their student's ability to improve their literacy. Sign-up today to join a monthly tutor training. 

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We need both English and Spanish speaking tutors

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